Tile Care

Tile Care is an integral part of your tile installation. Here are some ideas.

Keeping your ceramic, porcelain tile & grout free of dust and dry, sandy soil will minimize scratches, wear patterns and grout soiling that can develop from everyday use and traffic. Sweep, dust or vacuum surfaces regularly to remove loose soil and dust.

Miracle CleanersClean your tile and grout using warm water and a clean nonabrasive cloth sponge or mop. Use a cleaner such as Miracle Sealant that is specially formulated for ceramic, porcelain tile & grout to help remove soils that sweeping, dusting, vacuuming or damp mopping leave behind.

We proudly carry all Miracle Sealant products in stock. They make something for your every tile need. Their tile and grout cleaners remove grease, mildew, stains, soap scum and hard water deposits from all ceramic tile and grout. It does all of this without the need for rinsing.

We also carry a complete line of C-Cure brand grout and setting materials. This extensive line offers superior solutions for state-of-the-art applications using all types of tile and stone. You’ll find everything you need for your next project in C-Cure’s line of surface preparation, setting, grouting and cleaning products.

We also furnish excellent, reputable, and licensed installers and designers upon request for the South Bay area.